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1. Third edition of the Arbitration Open
After just two editions the Open has become a meeting point for professionals interested in arbitration. It has also become an international event where experts from numerous countries all over the world come together to discuss matters of current interest in domestic and international arbitration.

At the end of the second edition we were encouraged to begin preparing the third, in the belief that it was a job well done thanks to the participation of extraordinary speakers and the support provided by sponsors and collaborators, who are always essential in such events.

The mark of a great event lies in the standard of its attendees and presentations. The sum total of attendees, participants and everyone else involved in the Open is decisive in getting the event to stand out on the national and international stage. The European Arbitration Association continues to support businesses as an essential ingredient in the Open, not just because they are necessarily involved in arbitration proceedings but also because their high level knowledge of arbitration enables them to provide positive and critical input to help continuously improve our arbitration.

2. We still call it the Open, but we have shifted to a golf theme
Brand names give identity. It has become natural for lawyers, arbitrators, appraisers and corporate attorneys to ask about the Arbitration Open.

The name Arbitration Open defines what the event represents: quality, dynamism, originality, creativity, engagement and professionalism. In short, we are proud that this is seen as a must-attend event.

This year we are changing our backdrop and shifting from a tennis-based theme to golf, but without neglecting quality in any way and continuing to focus on the interest of all attendees in arbitration, which is the main goal of the organisers.

3. What’s new this year?
In 2017 we will be moving up to another level internationally in terms of our speakers and the matters covered.

We will be discussing the most widely requested topics: arbitration in construction, arbitration in investment, in IT and in technology; pharmaceutical and Agro-food distribution, trials, etc. All this will make the event a meeting point for expertise, practice and experience.

We will be hearing opinions from different regions of the world. This is a necessity if we are to continue improving the services provided by arbitrators, arbitration organisations and attorneys at law.

4. Anything else? There will be surprises and innovations
The 260 attendees at the second edition note that there is always a touch of originality about the Open. But to find out what it is you need to be there.

5. Thanks to our sponsors
Once again we are overwhelmed at the support received from our sponsors. We have been fortunate enough to count on their support and commitment ever since the end of the second edition. This is the best evidence of a job well done.
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